VKC Systems are industry experts at gathering and analyzing real time data.

Protect your data

The question to ask is not “will my infrastructure fail?” it’s “What happens to my organization when my infrastructure fails?” VKC Systems will design, implement, and manage multiple Failure domains so the answer to that question is “Not Much.”

What happens to my business when infrastructure fails?... Not much.

Easily managed Web-Based backup portal

Continuously backup any device regardless of operating environment. Recover individual files or your entire infrastructure, VKC Systems has a plan of action to keep your organization working.

Disaster recovery in a single click. During disaster scenarios, image based backups of production infrastructure are instantly virtualized to keep business moving as usual.

Screenshot Verification of your backups. Backups are constructed as bootable images, screenshots automatically check the viability of every backup available.

Ransomware Protection. Learn of lurking ransomware on your network and receive alerts. Quickly narrow down affected machines, remove ransomware or rollback computers to a time when they were not affected.

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