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VKC Systems will deploy your VOIP and cost effectively connect you to the world.

VOIP solutions

VOIP solutions are endless.  The day of having old telephone systems which use massive hardware are over.  We can virtualize your phone system and run the whole system from within your network. No more punch down terminal blocks on the walls with hard-coded lines.Companies can save thousands of dollars.

Our VOIP Solutions

Call Center
Road Warrior

Open source, self-hosted FreePBX solutions. VKC Systems configures, deploys and administers your voice system that is customized to fit your needs.

Cloud Hosted VOIP for a truly mobile experience. Don’t want to maintain a computer infrastructure but need VOIP services? VKC Systems has the right solution for you. We use the cloud to create the perfect environment for you.

VOIP Services offered by VKC Systems allow you to

  • Add and remove extensions freely. A cost effective way of increasing your brand reach while controlling cost of telephony services
  • Mobile workforce ready. Expand your companies branding with softphones.
    • One phone number for all your employees
    • Customized greetings and phone menus
    • Leverage your employees smartphones and install a softphone on them. Business calls and Personal calls are seamlessly handled.
    • Save money for company
    • Maintain the privacy of your employees with Softphones
    • Remote office ready. Follow me calling that can liberate your workforce.
    • Host office meetings on the web with 1 click
    • Join meetings from iPhone, Android, PC, MAC and dial in

Easily managed from the web, VOIP services can be provisioned for any organization structure.

VKC Systems will design the right solution for you.

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