VKC Systems grows with you

VKC Systems uses the latest equipment and technologies to build or upgrade your network. We design, implement and manage a future proofed network infrastructure built to serve and grow as you do.

Fiber Splicing

Build your backbone with the best network cabling. Future proof your infrastructure with fiber optics.

Cable Certification

Test existing cabling and certify new connections. We create individual reports for every connection tested which can be used as the baseline for future tests and troubleshooting.


Architected to perfectly fit your environment. RF scans and optimized placement ensure the highest throughput even in the most congested building.


Protect your assets and data at every level of access to your network. Network security is always evolving. Preventing breaches is an important aspect of securing your network, but how do you know if and when you were compromised? We manage your network with tight access control and monitor your network with concise logging. Proactively secure your infrastructure with VKC Systems.

Routing & Switching

Design your infrastructure to its maximum potential. We connect your organization to work as hard as you do. Redundant internet connections and optimized configurations ensure your devices are always available when you need them.

Network Visualization

Network Visualization is key to understanding how your organization works. When you need to monitor employee's web habits, log abhorrent application behavior or track mobile assets, VKC Systems empowers you and your business with the tools necessary to view your organization.

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