IT Infrastructure needs to be more adaptable than ever to address new trends and regulations under a tight budget. VKC Systems designs in house data centers, cloud, and hybrid deployments that address the evolving needs of IT. Virtualization allows you to run multiple workloads on a single physical machine or on a cluster of machines. Applications don’t need as much hardware to run, decreasing cost of ownership all while increasing availability.

Designed Solutions

Protect sensitive locations with:

Solutions Types

Protect sensitive locations with:

01. Private Cloud

Easily manage new & existing hardware in your datacenters. Get tight control of your applications and computer workloads. As your IT partner, we will design, implement and manage your infrastructure.

02. Cloud

VKC Systems will assist you in developing a cloud strategy that suits your organization’s needs. As your cloud partner, we will design, implement and manage your virtual infrastructure on Azure, AWS, and GCP.

03. Hybrid Cloud

Take advantage of all infrastructure deployment options with a Hybrid Cloud. VKC Systems bridges your private infrastructure and multiple public cloud providers to bring the best of all worlds to your organization. Secure sensitive data in specific geographical locations, perfect for financial institutions or those that don’t trust the public cloud with all their information. High Availability and Failover of services across multiple failure domains. With hybrid cloud deployments you better protect your organization from

• Internet Outages • Power Outages • Data corruption • Unplanned downtime